Diplodia and other corn rots rear ugly ears in parts of Missouri

Diplo 태아보험순위비교 dia ear rot is a common 태아보험순위비교 corn disease that occurs when there is excessive moisture during and immediately after corn silking and a dry period. That is what muc 태아보험순위비교 h of Missouri experienced this se 태아보험순위비교 ason. Read more

Lawn and garden
Mum's not the word: Chrysanthemums shout with bold colors

Few flowers signal fall’s arrival more than the cheerful chrysanthemum, mum for short. Mums’ long-lasting blooms show off for weeks, long after other flowers have clocked out for the season. Read more

Natural resources
The black walnuts in your backyard are healthy

The 태아보험순위비교 nuts 태아보험순위비교 &r 태아보험순위비교 quo;t qu 태아보험순위비교 ite ready to eat when they come off 태아보험순위비교 the tree. You ne 태아보험순위비교 ed to remove 태아보험순위비교 the green ( 태아보험순위비교 or bro 태아보험순위비교 wn) outer hull to rev 태아보험순위비교 eal the 태아보험순위비교 shell of the nut. Be sure 태아보험순위비교 태아보험순위비교 to wash the nut with the garden hose. Read more

Continuing education, seminars and noncredit courses
Why be a part of Osher@Mizzou

We are dedic 태아보험순위비교 ated to making Os 태아보험순위비교 her membership a 태아보험순위비교 nd participation 태아보험순위비교 affordable and accessi 태아보험순위비교 ble to Columbia area re 태아보험순위비교 sidents over 50 who wish to be involved. Register online. Read more

Community and leadership
Arts can favorably impact local and regional economies

Join us for this two-day training, CDA Explores the Arts and Economic Development, to learn how culture can be an addition and diversification of traditional community and economic development practices. Read more

Nutrition and health
Pumpkin: jack-o'-lantern of all trades

While many people throughout the world use pumpkin as a staple in their diet, in the United States this colorful member of the gourd plant family is used primarily for decoration. Read more

Missouri 4-H Hall of Fame inducts 54 members

“Making the best better” for generations of Missouri 4-H Club members, 54 volunteers joined the Missouri 4-H Hall of Fame on Aug. 13 at State Fair Community College in Sedalia. Read more

Emergency management
Reduce your risk of injury or death from lightning

If you see lightning, count the seconds until you hear thunder, then divide by five. This is the distance in miles the lightning is away. Any distance less than 10 miles puts you in danger. Seek shelter immediately. Read more

Families and relationships
Car seat safety

Car crashes kill more children 1 to 14 years old than any other cause, so adults need to know which child safety seats to use and how to install them correctly. Read more

Home and consumer life
MU Extension offers mobile energy education unit

The mobile unit gives homeowners and renters an opportunity to learn different ways they can make their home more efficient, comfortable and less expensive to heat or cool. Read more

Business and careers
BDP turns 50

One of Extension's crown 태아보험순위비교 jewels & 태아보험순위비교 mdash; MU Exten 태아보험순위비교 sion Business Development Program celebrates 50th anniversary. It's a very young and dynamic 50. 태아보험순위비교 See how it has changed. Read more

Endowed f 태아보험순위비교 und for 태아보험순위비교 ag student 태아보험순위비교 journalists h 태아보험순위비교 nors Duane Dailey

Friends of Univer 태아보험순위비교 sity of Mi 태아보험순위비교 souri Ext 태아보험순위비교 ension an 태아보험순위비교 d ag journalists hav 태아보험순위비교 e an opportu 태아보험순위비교 nity to help fund tra 태아보험순위비교 vel for an agriculture jo 태아보험순위비교 urnalism student. Read more

'City girl turned farmer' headlines Pearls of Production workshop

The hands-on workshop features sessions on small tractor and ATV maintenance, farm safety for women, and local marketing of farm products. Read more

USDA grant to help veterans, Latinos, women and others to farm

Extension specialists will offer "Understanding the Alphabet Soup of USDA Programs" and "Grow Your Farm" near military bases and "StrikeForce zones," locations USDA has identified as high-poverty areas. Read more

October gardening calendar

Plant spring bulbs among hostas, ferns, daylilies or ground covers. As these plants grow in the spring they will hide the dying bulb foliage. Read more

New 태아보험순위비교 cash ren 태아보험순위비교 tal survey sh 태아보험순위비교 ows some downwar 태아보험순위비교 d trends

Som 태아보험순위비교 e of 태아보험순위비교 the better 태아보험순위비교 crop 태아보험순위비교 in cent 태아보험순위비교 ral and north 태아보험순위비교 Missouri showed a 태아보험순위비교 decrease in re 태아보험순위비교 ntal rates, reflec 태아보험순위비교 ting lower crop 태아보험순위비교 prices. Read more

Bumper crop may cause storage issues

The U.S. Department of Agriculture's Sept. 12 crop production report estimates corn production up by 11 percent over last year. USDA predicts 3 percent more soybean this year. Read more

Improved breeding for quality beef can gain top prices for herd owners

Cow herd owners leery of the futures market or insurance for risk management can look to quality beef for protection. Read more

St 태아보험순위비교 . Louis SBT 태아보험순위비교 DC aiding Fer 태아보험순위비교 guson reco 태아보험순위비교 very

The un 태아보험순위비교 rest in Fe 태아보험순위비교 rguson t 태아보험순위비교 wo 태아보험순위비교 ago gripped 태아보험순위비교 at 태아보험순위비교 tention. G 태아보험순위비교 enerating far les 태아보험순위비교 s publicity, how 태아보험순위비교 ever, ha 태아보험순위비교 s been the fate of b 태아보험순위비교 usinesses in Ferguson and adjacent St. Louis suburbs that suffered from the devastation. Read more

Wet weather can cause seeds to sprout on the plant

Farmers may see sprouting of corn and soybean seed where there has been a combination of rain and high temperatures. Read more

Protective gear helps prevent respiratory problems

Without protective gear, working around grain dust can cause severe respiratory problems, Read more

Reduce risks to prevent falls

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, falls are the leading cause of injury and death in adults age 65 and older. Read more

Myths and facts about food safety

We shares some myths and facts about food safety from Fight Bac!, the Partnership for Food Safety Education. Read more

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